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Source: D2MPSo, you have purchased a new HP PC notebook or a new MSI one that runs well on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. You have installed the last drivers of your HP notebook, and everything is fine. You have no problems with your MSI notebook! Now, you have installed Windows 10 Pro 64bit on the MSI notebook, and you have noticed that your new notebook is not like the previous one. How does the new operating system work with MSI notebooks and how can you improve your experience with this Windows 10 Edition?First of all, to know if you have a successful installation of Windows 10 Pro, then you must check the various aspects related to the system. You can find all these information from the Start menu by selecting the Settings icon and then choosing the System and Security option. You will see, in the Privacy Settings window, that your new Windows 10 notebook is updating the components and preparing itself to be a new Windows 10 pro desktop or laptop.If this is the case, as seen in the figure below, then you can go to the Device Stage to see how you can adjust your settings according to your liking.You can also run the Readme.html file to read the instructions that Microsoft has prepared in order to know how to transfer your notebook to a new Windows 10 laptop, and how to set up all the components of your notebook.The Toughbook community is sharing their experiences with HP’s growing family of mobile workstations. These notebooks are rugged, as befits a rugged business, but the community is also finding that everyday consumers are discovering their versatility and appreciate their form factor for creative work. Furthermore, HP is delivering updates and features that make the rugged notebook viable in a broader range of use cases.Today we’re joining the community and sharing a story about the work that I’m doing with a Toughbook TZ750 from HP. I’m using it as a portable publishing device, and it’s designed to be a touch-friendly device for your personal use.In the last six months I’ve used it with no additional bulk or weight, and I’ve been able to travel with it on all kinds of trips, including a multi-week adventure through Europe. I can take it on hikes, carry it on trains, and drive it on rugged roads. The Toughbook is especially adept at mobile life, and I’m consistently impressed by 08929e5ed8

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