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Decreasing Anxiety and Depression

Many clients ask me for tools to begin helping to decrease their anxiety and depression. Research shows that one thing you can do is slow down and appreciate one thing at a time. Our rush to do many things at once keeps us from appreciating and savoring each aspect of our lives.

Try doing one activity and focus on only that activity. For example, slowing down to fully appreciate a meal. Savor each bite and appreciate the aroma, fullness and warmth from the food, creates happiness. We miss this everyday in our busy rush of checking cell phones, going to meetings, and heading out the door. Doing this can give you time, not only to slow the rush of life but to allow you to increase the moments of happiness and appreciation during your day. This may seem small but adds up to have an effect.

Take the time to choose at least one or two things each day to slow down to be completed with no distractions, such as talking to your partner or friend, watching television, reading, taking a bath, etc. Truly take the time to appreciate the moment and savor it without judgment. Don't get disappointed if it does not go your way. Life is full of ups and downs, you will have another chance. You will begin to see changes in your mood.

I think I might just go savor a hot cup of tea.

For more information, you can contact New Hope Counseling.

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