New Hope

While there's life, there's hope.  Marcus Tullius Cicero

Hello, my name is Tina Taylor.  In my 25 years as a therapist, I have worked with many people and have learned that all people have the strength to face adversity.  Though trauma, mood issues, health problems, stress, relationships issues and other problems may get you stuck and off track, these issues can be addressed.  I offer individual and family therapy.  I treat adults and teens.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, have a Post Master’s Certification in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am also certified in EMDR.  I have been practicing for over 25 years, which has included multiple setting including inpatient, residential, and outpatient.  I specialize in family, traumatic stress, and anxiety.

Tina Taylor LCSW

Hi, I'm Crystal! I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, and I have a passion for working with adults 18 and over in developing skills to effectively manage depression, anxiety, stress, ADHD, anger issues, trauma, life transitions, relationship issues, substance abuse, and grief & loss. I understand from personal experience many of the challenges that come with these issues and strongly believe that holistic well-being involves balance of mind, body, & spirit.  My clinical approach utilizes a strengths-based foundation and incorporates a variety of therapeutic techniques to help clients understand deeper their own beliefs, thoughts, values, strengths, challenges, self-worth, and goals – especially those not yet discovered! My goal is to walk with you along your journey and creatively help you learn how to invest in your own mental well-being and practice new skills to enter into a more hopeful, self-compassionate, and empowered life.



Hi, my name is Sara Castro Doherty.  I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I work with ages 14 and up to address depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions, relationship struggles, and trauma. I am compassionate and understand that each person has their own journey. I use multiple approaches to helping you achieve your fulfillment and purpose. I specialize in struggles regarding co-dependency with loved ones, boundaries, and assertiveness. I also work with adult children of immigrants who are navigating two different cultures. I provide a culturally competent environment and safe space for individuals of the LGBTQ community.