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Are you looking for Consultation or Supervison?


LCSW Supervision

New Hope Counseling currently offers LCSW supervision.  Tina Taylor providesthis service.  She has been working as an LCSW for over 25 years and am also an LMFT.  New Hope Counseling values the importance of helping build competent new professionals to the field.  I would be happy to meet with you to discuss any questions you may have, what you would like from supervision, any agency requirements, etc.  

EMDR Consultation

New Hope Counseling also offers EMDR consultation.  Tina Taylor is an EMDR Consultant, training coach, and mentor.  She offers both group and individual for gaining certification, becoming a consultant or to grow in your EMDR skills.

IFS Informed EMDR



Tina Taylor is an Assistant Trainer for IFS Informed EMDR trainings through Syzygy.  She is an IFS Informed EMDR Consultant who can help you toward certification in this model of therapy.  She is a level 2 trained IFS therapist and an EMDR Consultant/ Certified Therapist.

Current Fees for all supervision and consultation are $100 for individual and $50 for group supervision hours.

Call for information.  502-712-9604

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